We're no longer providing Blesta Services

Long story short after over 18 months of providing services to Blesta customers - Blesta rewarded us by telling customers on a discord channel that we have no customers (completely untrue) when we upset them about the owner ignoring my private messages for almost 3 months because I provided negative feedback on a frequent basis.

We ultimately found that working with a company who happily reveals private information and gets it wrong to be as bad a WHMCS who had its database hacked via social engineering.

We had been working on a new service providing aged care software for in-need facilities who couldn't afford the shift to solutions that cost 6 figures and beyond - with that your billing and support will directed via that brand moving forward.

You can continue to get support for your existing services by emailing blesta@agedcarecloud.com or login to your billing portal here.

— Perth Managed Team